Color me with your love

I am the journey,

You are the destination

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How can love be this sweet
How can sweet be this thick
You are the sweetness that I seek
Your love is my only strength when I’m weak…
Let me tell you what I love about you
Your smile, when you are not smiling
Your eyes, when it’s not dazzling
Your laughter, when it’s loud n rings
And your love, cos it’s everything…
I hope this sickness has a cure
I hope this feeling stays so strong
I hope the buzzing in my brain stops
It’s draining my sanity as bits by drop.
Yes, this sickness do have a cure that day, then maybe life stops
You gain your senses and sanity returns
you lost all cos you lost LOVE


Nigeria is 59!

Nigeria is 59
A new age to celebrate
New hope to hold unto
Maybe a broken record to think otherwise
Lost trust in its totality of it
Would you blame us?

Our heritage of ancestry
Last hope pinned on future generations
Wandered away from home
Culture abandoned for greener pastures
Elders wonder where are the children gone
Children ask when will light come

The light is here
We are the light of today
A beacon of hope for our nation
But we are not united
Our strength lies in unity
Stronger as a unit

Wavered like a lost flower
Our rich culture forgotten
A new era threatens to birth a heritage
Different from our way of life
Conforming to changing times
What happened to brotherly love

Nigeria so rich yet destitute
A giant among others yet needy
A land of hopes yet broken
Slowly fading away from the map
Save our home now
Revive our culture

Is love the answer?
Or a genuine heart?
Maybe individuals should do more
But is it enough
We have the strength to rise
Like the Phoenix

When will we see a Nigeria worthy?
Invaluable the world pays homage
When will our culture stop dying?
A rich unique heritage fading away
So quickly we forget what Nigeria is
Nigeria is home