Dope Buddy, I miss me

Dope Buddy, I miss me so much and I know I rant a lot but today is different. People ought to know others are human too and not forget such a crucial fact while hurting. Continue reading “Dope Buddy, I miss me”




A million thoughts pop up at the word but my favorite definition is ‘a shot to flaunt self-worth in a dignified manner.’ There is nothing dignified about failure, true. But after every fall, no matter how hard or deep the fall is, I will always bounce back broken or not.
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Dope Buddy, Good People Exist

I finally came around to quit laziness and get down with it. No, you don’t have to facepalm yourself, I know I am awesome thank you😁.
Gush! I miss you, so so much. There is something about you I just can’t get off my life, it’s so…..
I know, I know, back to the topic at hand. A thought popped in my head this morning, so I thought of ranting about it like everything else.
Almost a decade ago, I was at a low point, I don’t know why or how I couldn’t pick out my ten fingers complete of good people who had done good deeds to and for me.
I don’t think there is any correlation between my mood and my thoughts then but one truly stood out, I couldn’t count good deeds because there was none.
I remember I asked myself: who is a good person? How can one become a good person? Why does one choose to be good?
Don’t roll ya eyes at me.
Yes, a decade later, I got all my answers and I am not denying it.
Its the reason why I chose to become a good person that got me thinking. Honestly, being good is not easy. Being bad isn’t easy too but when the heart is closed, it becomes a whole lot easier.
There are lots of low associated with being good, staying good and doing good.
Call a spade a spade, I don’t know if I was good or bad, right or wrong. But I knew I needed to do something.
I told myself if no one else will do good to me, then I will do good deeds to everyone and anyone, in all ways I can and everywhere I can.
It is similar to our prime purpose in life, proposed by Dalai Lama — ‘Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.’
I didn’t really think I had done anything worthy of impact or the renounced ripping effect chain until someone told me:
You’re one of the good ones.
It struck me deep.
My efforts paid off eventually. I don’t have to give a full narrative of myself being good, but if a person tells me such, it is indeed true.
If I tell you, I might come off as trying to convince you of it, which is something I won’t do.
So, Dope Buddy, good people exist. People who would wholeheartedly go a mile for you, without ulterior motives or crazily obsessed about you.
If you say that I am a good person, who am I to argue it?
It’s not as if you give a compliment a lot because you think it will drive me crazy than I already am, which is totally not true. Facepalm yourself all you want, even shake ya head, I don’t mind.😂
Good people exist everywhere, around us, within us and with us.

Being good is a choice, so it is with being bad. No one can take away your power of decision irrespective of the circumstances unless you let them. You always have a choice. Never forget that.

PS: This isn’t your typical lovey-dovey love letter, however, the day Dope Buddy accepts my love declarations, you just might read Williams Shakespeare’s inspired poetry right here.
Till another rant pops up,
Its bye for now.


A poem: Forlorn


In one moment of weakness
A thousand things went wrong
Listening to the forbidden voice
Rather than the acceptable voice
Regret and devastation plugging my soul
A search for redemption impossible
Tears draining my soul’s impurity
Impurity thicker than the cloud
No path behind, no path forward
A path we must seek in the dark
One action, one moment, one weakness
One word left, remorse
Pulling you down to the depths I regret
Remorse and sorrow are engraved in my soul
How I wish I had a chance to make it right
Nothing left, nothing spoken
Grief and rustication are our burden
Remorse I will be till my dying breath
Remorse I will show till my dying breath
Redemption will I seek till my dying breath
Oh! How sorry I am
If only you knew….




A Poem: Minor

When the pitch in your throat itch
And chord strikes harder to reach
Try a break from rules of major
Take a twist; serve a minor

When the runs keeps you behind
And the riffs your cords can’t bind
Already bled but to not injure
Will not a flat; but simple minor

Take with you joy; smile broader
Take also rhythm, try harder
But not in list awareness of failure
Easing dynamics needs minor

Some will listen and understand
While others may keep high hand
Impress no one with flying flavour
Perch frail notes on humble minor
-Mo Akande