Short story


I have always had an urge for something new, but never knew what it was.

Finding something safe was just like searching the wind and reaching for the stars I could never touch.

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Short story


As the sun sets,
He gazed at his bubbling party with pride, an accolade in itself of the whispers of the glitz and glamor of his party.

His joy immeasurable,
A smug flaunted on his well-chiseled face, his full lips tugged in a satisfying dance as old as time.

In contrast to the party,
A distress and regret aura brew, detesting life as she knew but left with no choice. Warnings echoes in her throbbing head, words shouldn’t have ignored, it’s consequences she lay with each day.

Tears strick down her doleful face.
“I can’t be a shiny trophy anymore,” she said quietly.
His ears caught her words as he went by.

“A wife is also a man’s shiny trophy,” he told her nonchalantly and walked away.

Her life was everything she had seen but she had given up on it. With only a pea-sized fetus living her as her beacon of hope, she stealthily left the terrace and his life pregnant.

Perhaps, he would have noticed the clues of her action he was too self-absorbed. But at last, he failed to notice. He lost his trophy and family that day.

“That my sweetheart is how we parted” she concluded her story to the ten-year-old exact replica of her great love.

Short story


We met at a bookshop,
Time froze as our eyes connected
Invisible sparkles flew, my heart flustered.

I couldn’t bring myself to look away,
With each second, I became infatuated
And you weren’t any better.

Your heart fluttered, your eyes so clear
I saw myself in them. A never
Achieved fit. Maybe it was a sign from Heaven delivered to us in coincidence.

I didn’t need a gun, I got the girl and
I am never letting go. I know what my life was without you but with you, I will never
Trade for anything.

You heard of that butterfly feeling in novels
You experienced it and bet on me.

It was a risk, a crazy one but hey!
It’s better to be crazily in love than
being crazily single.