In the shadow we dwell

Like lovers past
Our path intertwine
History an accurate record of events
They wonder what went wrong Continue reading “In the shadow we dwell”



Life is a cycle of time
From beginnings to ends
Friends to enemies
Hope to crush dreams
Winning hearts to losing it
Time to a race against it
First hi to the last goodbye
Falling in love to hurt
Fulfillment of dreams to hopelessness

Life has it all
Life is a journey
When the sands of time finish
I hope you feel proud



Silence approach
Quiet and still I hear nothing
Breaking the camel’s back
The last straw gave
For depth of insanity

Luring me to the depth
No way to run
Losing my last strand of sanity
I dread the aftermath
Is this it?

Maybe it’s silent for a reason
A reason too dark to be known
The darkness I fear
Never wanting silence
I scream on rooftop