I Call Her ‘Girl Child’

I am a girl child
I have a right to live
Don’t snatch my right
I am not a pleasure tool
I deserve to be respected

Respect you say?
You are your curves he sneered
You are defined by men he scoffed
You are your marital status he scowled
You are nothing without sex he mocked

I am Gere
I am human
I am a girl child
I am not defined by marital status
I am not my curves

I am Uwa
I am everything without sex
I am not defined by men
I am a woman
Worthy of respect

I am a woman
I am beautiful
To be appreciated
Not forced to be a pleasure tool
Rape the biggest crime against a girl

#justiceforuwa #saynotorape #stoprapingwomen #nomeansno


You Only Know My Name

I can’t take away your pain
I can’t promise you rainbow in your storm
I can’t command fire, earth, water, and air
I can’t give you laughter
I can’t erase those deeply rooted scars
I can’t kill your demons
I can’t erase your nightmare
I can’t wipe your tears
You won’t let me see them
However, believe me
I have seen pain in its raw form
Nake room has seen my tears
My bathroom walls my scars and shame
True, everyone knows your name
However, I want to the one behind the name.
I am not what everyone thinks I am
I know how damaged life can be
I know how fighting your shadow truly is
Yes, I am not Mr. Know-it-all
Yet, you can’t deny I am relatable

I have discovered serenity in my war
Hid my tears in the bathtub
I have known to seal my raging words threatening to spill
I am broken but you won’t see my pain
I know this path
I have been on it
Because I grasped my hurt
Uncertainty is in extinction
Where faith is a virtue
So pass your condemnation you can’t stop me
I am vulnerable oh yes! I am also weak
You only know my name
You don’t know me


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