Fiction, I Found You

I Found You 13

Episode 13

Home, a place she belonged but didn’t feel its vibe. She felt odd being back home. Maybe it was the trauma of never seeing her family again or the overbearing behavior of her family or the invasion of privacy from Jide. Continue reading “I Found You 13”

Fiction, I Found You

I Found You 12

Episode 12

It wouldn’t be a bad thing to wish he wasn’t much better, not only to rely on her but also delay the trip back home.
The word sound so foreign especially after feeling at home with Efe for the past weeks and savoring moments spent together.
Maybe that’s home. Continue reading “I Found You 12”

Fiction, I Found You

I Found You 7

Episode 7

My sincere apologies it’s late.
Days went by swiftly and Efe couldn’t say he wasn’t happy with the turn of events that started out with abduction. He was stuck with a beautiful lady, living with a nice couple and every day, lovey-dovey moments were shoved down his throat. If he had no intention of settling down, with the couple’s sweetness, he was green with envy. He was sure the same could be said about Naomi. He had caught her staring at the mother and newborn several times, with longing in her eyes. Continue reading “I Found You 7”