Fiction, I Found You

I Found You 8

Episode 8

Another day another tale to tell. Mine thought to herself. She would be lying if she said she didn’t admire Young Will. He is probably the happiest person she knew. Literally, nothing can burst his happy bubble, seizing the good of everything.
For some reason, it was a description of who she wanted to be but was too scared, scared of a lot of things. Maybe that’s why she became depressed somewhere along the line.
“Oh my God!” Mrs. Uche’s squeal jolted her out of thoughts.
Narrowing her eyes on the happiest person she knew, she almost snorted at his sly grin on his handsome well-chiseled face, staring back at her, as if he confirming what the sudden excitement was about.
“If there’s one thing guys don’t joke with, it’s making memorable memories,” Mr. Uche remarked, a smile dancing on his lips.
If she didn’t know any better, she would say he spun another tale for them, answering their usual bucket loads of questions.
“No one will think you both have been together for so long” Mrs. Uche purred in the excitement of the moment.
“Yes, boo, no one will think we have been married for how long is it again?” Mine asked with gritted teeth.
“The day I made up my mind to grow old and wrinkly with you, was the beginning of forever and a day.”
Mine was dumbfounded.
It wasn’t the cheesy sweet words, it was the way he said it, the sincerity oozing from it, almost like he was telling her his heart desire.
She was naive to him hitting on her, which is one of the many perks the Uche’s liked about them. She had told him someone was waiting for her, as a way to make him stop flirting with her. But his response was outright brazen of how he would never see her again and he wanted to make memories.
Somewhere along with their animated chatting late in the evening, a tiny voice screaming out, seeking comfort and nourishment.
The couple excused themselves to tend to the baby. Mine couldn’t help but admired Mr. Uche’s devotion to his baby.
“You!” Turning her attention back to the hunk behind her, she glared hard at him, earning a chuckle.
“Zira, you are back” Cara excitedly hugged her as she missed her for so long. Immediately, she bombarded her with questions, not even allowing her to take off her shoes.
Maybe she wasn’t so self-centered, she would have been able to detect her off mood.
Zira dragged her tired body to her room, ignoring the ranting Cara. She didn’t think Cara would stay at her house for so long, after her absence. But then again, she had left her in the house before she left, it was only logical she stayed for her return.
Slamming her room door on Cara’s face, she broke down. She had gone to the authorities earlier for an update on her missing friend but there was none.
Each day was harder than the previous, struggling not to lose hope, she wondered what happened after Mine stormed out of the bar that night.
Zira cried her eyes out.
“Why are you doing this?” Mine barked, without waiting for his reply, she ranted. “So what if I am happy here, away from my life and anyone who knows me, you have no right to take advantage of me. At some point, I will go back to my old life then what? What happens to this brewing attraction you are kindling? What if I am attracted to you? It doesn’t mean there is a future in it. Yes, I admit I am somewhat happy I was abducted, I desperately needed a break and this is it. But you have no right-”
Efe pulled her into his arms, hugging her tightly. She didn’t need to beat herself up about it. He just wanted to put a smile on her face and relieve her stress.
She had a hard time falling asleep, not that he blamed her. She was wary of him. But one of them had to step up.
Mine struggled in his arms. “Let go”
Efe reluctantly loosened his grip on her but didn’t let her out of his arms. “Calm down, I understand-”
Mine laughed bitterly, stepping out of his arms. “Seriously?! I know how you feel speech?”
“You think every guy is like him?” Efe said disheartened. “I don’t know how you feel unless you express them in words.”
Mine scoffed and turned around, going to God knows where in the wee hours of the night.
“I was going to that I will tell them the truth, ask for their help so you can return home. You haven’t slept for days now, it’s-”
Mine turned to him sharply, giving him a deathly glare.
“I am worried about you and-”
“Yeah right” Mine snorted.
Before Efe could reply, he caught sight of the view ahead and pushed Mine out of harm’s way, rolling off the cliff as he missed his steps.
In a flash, he disappeared from her line of sight. Shocked at the turn of events, she stared at the spot she last saw him dazed.
She didn’t know how long she stood there but the sound of her name jolted her out of her trance.
Suddenly, realizing the damage, she ran to the direction of Mr. Uche’s voice calling out for her.
“H-he was there, I-I didn’t blink” Mine stuttered.
He furrowed his brows, trying to make sense of her words and her shaken up aura….
He flashed the torch in his hands forward, gasping. “He fell?”
“Yes,” Mine admitted, wailing.
Mr. Uche ran a bit further, flashing his torch around, trying to find Efe. He didn’t think they would wander off so late at night and that too at the direction of a steep crag.
He dragged her back to the house where she was safe before he went to get help. He wouldn’t be able to get rescue him alone.
Mine was shaken up. She couldn’t believe he would sacrifice himself for her, a total stranger and a nagging one at that. They were having an argument, how did he see the steep edge?
What if he does before Mr. Uche gets help? I would be responsible. I killed him. All he ever did was try to comfort me, pulling me away from my miserable self.
Ridden with guilt, she bolted out the door, ignoring the yelling of Mrs. Uche telling her it was dangerous.
Mine arrived at the steep side in no time. Scanning the dark with the glow of the moon, trying to locate the spot he fell from. Deciding to be careful rather than add to the problem, she searched for a safe area to go down.
“Young Will” she called, trying to get a concrete location through his voice.
She held a low grunt, sparking hope in her.
“Young Will” she called again, to be sure he was okay though it was highly unlikely.
“Have you fallen for my name already?” Came a sarcastic pained voice.
Before she could reply, Mr. Uche arrived.
“I told you to stay-”
“Hurry, lift him up,” Mine told the men accompanying Mr. Uche. “Please” she added.
She saw ropes with them, immediately swinging into action.
“Let me go down”
“No” one of the men refused instantly.
“It will be easier to lift both us than two men” Mine reasoned.
“You are not familiar with this area,” Mr. Uche told her.
Mine held her breath as she fixated her eyes on the man slowly going down the crag.
She almost didn’t know what to expect. To think someone was so selfless with a tag of a good person written all over.
Did she deserve it?
Mine couldn’t help pondering. She was being a pain in the ass, ranting about her misery yet, he pulled her….
She trailed off her thoughts as she saw a bloody hand, struggling to hold onto the steep edges.
Her face drained all colors. She didn’t know if it was Young Will’s or not but for blood to spill, showed she had done something terribly wrong.
Rushing to the aid of the men hoisting up the injured man, not that they needed her contribution anyway, she held onto him.
She didn’t blink back the tears welling up, ignoring passive comments about their relationship. She just wanted him to smile at her like he usually does every time their eyes met.








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