Fiction, I Found You

I Found You 7

Episode 7

My sincere apologies it’s late.
Days went by swiftly and Efe couldn’t say he wasn’t happy with the turn of events that started out with abduction. He was stuck with a beautiful lady, living with a nice couple and every day, lovey-dovey moments were shoved down his throat. If he had no intention of settling down, with the couple’s sweetness, he was green with envy. He was sure the same could be said about Naomi. He had caught her staring at the mother and newborn several times, with longing in her eyes.
Efe knew they ought to find their way home with the help of the couple but this was a haven away from his normal life and a glimpse of how his life would be after he settled down. He didn’t have to wait till he was married because he lied to the couple he was a married man.
There was no way he could tell them they were abducted and he didn’t trust the police authority especially after he overhead the abductors’ conversation.
“If I didn’t know any better, I would say you fall for her each day, the attraction is just so glaring obvious” Mrs. Uche whispered to Efe who had a happy smile on his face, ogling at Mine cradle the baby girl in her arms, smiling.
“Eyes don’t lie”
She scoffed. “Get over yourself, I am also married”
Efe grinned.
Mrs. Uche shook her head, stepping forward, making her presence known to Mine. She carefully took the child, gave her a grateful smile and left.
Mine curled up on the couch, staring out the window. Her expression was unreadable, blank and distant. This wasn’t the first time she had such expression.
“Are you okay?” Efe asked, his voice etched in concern. “Do you want to talk about it?”
Mine kept quiet.
Efe sat beside her on the couch, sharing the silence.
“We should have lied to them, they are good people-”
“We couldn’t continue spending the night outside, we are lucky we survived in one piece. We can’t let them get to us-”
“We involved innocent people, they could get in trouble and then what Young Will?” She asked in sarcasm. “If I didn’t know any better, I will think you enjoy being here, playing pretend husband”
“If I didn’t know any better, I would say you have been happy, so happy you wonder if you can freeze this moment. But you don’t have to worry dear pretend wife, we are stuck forever” Efe spoke in a sly tone.
Mine shook her head and stood up. She was about to enter the Uche’s guest room when Mr. Uche called her.
“Can you hear yourself?” Jack chided him. “You were so close to violating her, what did you expect her to do?”
Rob rolled his eyes before he groaned in pain. Yes, by a miracle, the bullet didn’t hit any major organ or cause life-threatening terror. He hadn’t been himself since he woke up, he swore revenge on Mine in his own way, unable to get her soft body which he had groped.
Jack snapped his fingers in his face, drawing his attention from God knows where. He was staring into space which could only mean one thing, plotting his diabolical plan.
“Don’t do anything stupid. We are behind schedule because of your shenanigans. Get it over your head”
“She shot me, Jack, she freaking shot me” Rob flared up. It seemed like he was the only one who didn’t miss the fact that he was shot and almost died.
“Yet here you are, alive, kicking and banged up because a beautiful woman beat you to it” Jack laughed put loud, irking him.
Rob fumed. He had had enough of these teasing, he wouldn’t shove it down his throat any more.
Rob stormed out of the room, leaving behind his friend in a fit of laughter.
Zira stared at the pale woman on the bed. With each passing day, she grew weak and there was nothing any of them could do to elevate her mood. They were all worried about Mine but there was nothing they could do expect Cara who kept ranting about her rekindling old flames.
Days had already turned weeks and one has to wonder what state she was in.
“Zira” Jidenna called, “A word please”
She frowned. Nothing good came out of speaking with him, though he is the boyfriend of her best friend. She was wondering why her friend never showed up if she knew he was going to propose.
“Zira” Jidenna started.
“That’s my name”
“If you know something, you should say it. Things are pretty ugly right now, her mother is in the hospital, her blood pressure is on the rise”
“Yes, Jide. You should say something, why didn’t Mine show up at Royale exquisite of all places? What did you do?”
Jide was stunned. He didn’t expect such a counterattack and he was the one who was embarrassed too.
“Excuse me?!”
“Excused already” Zira snorted and walked into the hospital room.
Mine gazed at the intimate couple who had no idea they were being watched. A house away from metropolitan life, in a quiet little town with a loved one, appealed more to her with each day. She felt like she was stuck in between a rock and a deep sea. She couldn’t deny the fact that she had been happy living a pretend life in an unknown town than she was with her family and Jide.
Maybe this was what her life was lacking but she couldn’t exactly explain why she felt so happy and free here than she was at home.
She heaved a sigh.
“Being a grown-up is hard” she whined.
“Tell me about it,” Efe said slumping beside her on the bed. “Are we supposed to be spying on our kind host?”
“They are happy,” she said without looking at him.
“You sound like being happy is impossible and not a choice”
“I never thanked you for helping her in the-”
Efe interrupted her. “What do you want?”
Mine turned to face him. “Why do you keep asking me that?” She questioned.
“Why do you keep avoiding my question?”
“What do you want from me?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Efe asked with a raised eyebrow.
Mine returned her attention out the window. A quiet happy life filled with love. She couldn’t be voice it out.
“How are you so comfortable?”
“I live life on my terms, getting the best out of everything”
“It doesn’t explain why you are happy” Mine looked at him.
Holding each other’s gaze, they were lost in each other. Efe reached out to her face and caressed it.
“Nobody can make you happy until you decide to be. Society doesn’t care about you, don’t care about them. Do what makes you happy like you have been for the last couple of days when you don’t overthink it”
“We lied we were stranded doing research on a rare almost extinct plant which could be the next medical breakthrough of mankind. How do you sleep doing that?” Mine questioned.
“By starting at a gorgeous woman whose smile lit up my world”
Mine scoffed at his words. “Cheesy”
Efe chuckled.
“We are bad people”
“Nope,” Efe said standing up. “You’re a bad person, you are the one ogling a romantic couple on their makeshift date even though they are supposed to be with their daughter.”
Jide popped into her mind. Would she have this kind of life if she hadn’t run away?
“Have you been in love?” Mine blurted out before she could stop herself.
Efe stopped in his tracks. He turned to her, only to meet her questioning eyes, urging him to speak.
“I’ve been down that road,” he said walking towards her.
“What happened?”
He laughed. “Sorry, it’s not funny but my love story or rather the reason for my heart heartbreak is.”
Mine kept quiet.
“The long and short of the story is that I am a soft guy, too soft for her liking without action”
“So being good is wrong?” Mine asked in disbelief. “Is she crazy? Do you know how many girls would kill for a guy like you?”
“Including you?” Efe asked skeptically.
“Of course” She blurted out.
A goofy smile slowly spread on his face.
She realized her blunder.
“I-I mean lots of girls -”
“I know” Efe cut her off. None of them spoke.
“We really should tell them the truth” Mine suggested.
“I know” he groaned, clasping his face. “I don’t what they will think of us”
“You’re a good guy, it’s a no problem”
Efe arched a brow. “Good guy? You have a good heart too and it’s not wrong to go after what you want”
Mine was about to speak but he beat her to it. “I see how you look at them, the longing in your eyes especially when you hold their baby. One’s happiness isn’t selfishness, you owe it to yourself to be happy. You deserve to be happy”

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