I call her woman

I call her woman
Woman is an epitome of beauty
craved in her fibres
hidden from lustful eyes
She is transparent when it rains
her tears are drained and drowned

Serene is her smile
torn apart by a million ants
called responsibilities
embodied on her shoulder,
yet she gracefully carries it
like a king.
She is royalty.

Sculpted to be unique and soft,
yet strong enough to withstand
storms and broken dreams
Skilled and talented,
shes unstoppable – a force to reckon with

Bent to the wills of rules,
she broke free from dependence
paving a way for herself,
reaching for the pinnacle
For she is not meant to be behind a man
but beside him

I call her woman
Curvy and lovable in different shades
she is not her body,
she is not meant for procreation,
she defines who she wants to be.
She is brave,
without her, our world is incompleteΒ 

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I am stuck
In between dream
And reality

Stuck between hope
And expectations
Waiting on result

I am stuck
In a mere space
Between happiness and sadness

Stuck in my thoughts
A safe haven
Between ugly memories and reminders

I am stuck
Somewhere between existing
And fading

Stuck in abyss
Sinking deep
Losing light

I am stuck
In a place
I can’t leave

Stuck without answers
Reminiscing a million questions
In between I am haunted

I am stuck
And haunted by life
Spying at me from a distance

Stuck in an unsafe space
I see the danger signs
In between I stare

I am stuck
I can’t move
I won’t make a move

Stuck so bad
I want to see
How I get out of it
Or how it ends me…

I am stuck
And I will give
Anything to have silence

Stuck with my
Voiceless voices
I see the darkness approach
And I embrace it
Cause I am stuck

I am stuck
And tomorrow doesn’t matter
Only right now
Cause I might not make it tomorrow
I am stuck….

Dear Dafe, Fiction

Dear Dafe


A Mini Blog Series Enjoy…..

Friday evening 7 pm,

Akpobo Nyore stepped into the living room of her apartment, clad in a blue off-shoulder gown, red stilettos heel with a red clutch purse. She picked her phone from the center table, checking for a call or message from her boyfriend. There was none.
She heaved a deep sigh and plopped on her black sofa complementing the milky yellow paint coating the walls and turned on the television to keep herself busy.
She glanced at the square-shaped wall clock after a while. Her boyfriend Edafe whom she fondly called Dafe was running late. She sighed tiredly.
Nyore felt conflicted. She wasn’t sure if she should be glad Dafe was running late and might end up not going to the concert or feel sad about missing out on an awesome concert.
Dafe had assured her of his prompt arrival, among other things and it wasn’t the first time she felt conflicted. She was different from her boyfriend in every way and it had been troubling her oblivious to him. Dafe was such a God-given gift that she couldn’t ask for more, yet she found herself wanting more out of life, love, and herself.
Despite having a good relationship with God, a job catering to her needs, a roof over her head, a loving and supportive family, an amazing boyfriend; it wasn’t enough. She needed more but wasn’t brave enough to talk about it and it weighed heavily on her heart.
She sighed again, returning her eyes to the television screen when her eyes caught a notepad on the round glass center table.
An idea popped into her head. She reached for the notepad and pen. She opened a page and started scribbling.
Dear Dafe,
I see you. Every day, everywhere, and every moment and my heart beats for you. I love you, with my whole heart. You are one of the best decisions I made in the last two years. You are simply amazing and some days, I feel you are too good for me. We are poles apart and you have your life and goals all figured out, while I am struggling with mine.
You are my strength and with you by my side, I am unstoppable. And that’s the problem. I can’t laugh without you and I still cringe at my different shades of me. I am not brave enough to look at my reflection in the mirror. And I have to view life through your eyes, loving myself because you love the mess I am. You would always say –
“Akpobo Nyore you are your choices, good or bad and it built you. Your experience shaped you into the awesome person you are, worthy of being loved and respected. There’s nothing you don’t deserve. I wish one day, you would see yourself the way I see you – awesome, beautiful, charming, different, eccentric, funny, intuitive, smart, and unique. I thank God for you every day cause I am lucky to have you”.
Yet, I can’t love myself wholly. I can’t be everything you want because I can’t seem to be everything I need to be. I don’t even know what it means and it doesn’t matter to you. I have the rest of my life to figure it out and that’s why I am dependent on you. However, it’s not enough. I have a gut feeling that I can be more. I need to be more. More than your love, my disappointments, scorns of society, and dreams, goals……I can simply be more.
I have to be true to myself before I can be true to you. I can’t give what I don’t have. I have to learn some things on my own like cherishing and loving myself, accepting what I am, embracing who I become, finding my spark and purpose…..the list goes on Dafe.
I know that I am being selfish and you are not obligated to me. So, I will ask anyway – can you meet me in the middle? Only if you think worth it.
Nyore took a deep breath and dropped the notepad with the pen on the table. She reached for it again, hesitating. Although a handwritten letter was old school, there was a uniqueness to it.
‘What will be his reaction after reading my letter?’ She wondered. ‘Will he understand? Will he meet me in the middle? Will he walk out on me?’
There were several questions in her mind. She switched off the television, locked her door, and went to a nearby bar. She needed a distraction and a boost to her courage to face Edafe later on.
He would certainly come over and see her letter as he had the spare keys to her house. It was a matter of time before she got the answer to her scribbling.
What will it be???


Love is the answer

I am stuck in a not-so-good place again. Thinking about love, the magical power of it and the pain it brings too, I am wondering why people rarely speak of it. Love is beautiful, it lasts forever, tales are scribbled and you can’t help but love love.

But I choose to say the truth about love. Love hurts. No one and nothing can prepare you for the pain, it’s a shitty mess hole that changes you and your whole being. It’s scars are attached to horrible memories. Yet, I know love will always be the answer. I know that much. When love hurts you, only love can heal you and it’s just crazy!!!!
Maybe I am too and my rambling.

Short story

A Little Self Care


Beautiful morning.
Trust you are good and healthy.
It’s the beginning of a new week and you are thinking about the choices you have to make this week without hurting other’s feelings. It is nice you feel this way but do not priority others before yourself. Yes! You read it right. You come first.
Saying no to people’s request doesn’t make you a bad person. Nobody should have to emotionally blackmail you or guilt-trip you for it. No is a complete sentence. No explanation is needed.
If anyone guilt trip or blackmails you, especially emotionally, you know you made the right choice and stand firm by your choice. A little self priority doesn’t change how you feel about others, it helps you grow and develop too.
Never apologize for wanting something for yourself. You are important and you are human too. Rejecting a request doesn’t mean you don’t love the person. Sometimes, you simply have to say no. Even God – a loving father says no too sometimes.

Short story

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year 🎊 πŸŽ† 🎊 

I trust you are amazing, alive and active.

Welcome to a brand new year, fully loaded with goodies for you. While celebrating the arrival of 2021, one’s mind tends to wonder how the year will turn out. 2020 was tough, but we survived. 2021 will be better. Just have a positive expectation.
Yesterday is gone, it’s the past now. Don’t dwell on it. The eyes are in front for a reason, look ahead, reach for it. Tomorrow is unknown, and mysterious but bright too.
But you can make today count. It’s a gift that’s why it’s called the present.
This is year is a good one, just go of 2020 and this year will be wow. And I am so glad to have you on this journey with me again. More stories and poems coming up. Kindly subscribe to my blog and be the first to get notified of new content.