You Only Know My Name

I can’t take away your pain
I can’t promise you rainbow in your storm
I can’t command fire, earth, water, and air
I can’t give you laughter
I can’t erase those deeply rooted scars
I can’t kill your demons
I can’t erase your nightmare
I can’t wipe your tears
You won’t let me see them
However, believe me
I have seen pain in its raw form
Nake room has seen my tears
My bathroom walls my scars and shame
True, everyone knows your name
However, I want to the one behind the name.
I am not what everyone thinks I am
I know how damaged life can be
I know how fighting your shadow truly is
Yes, I am not Mr. Know-it-all
Yet, you can’t deny I am relatable

I have discovered serenity in my war
Hid my tears in the bathtub
I have known to seal my raging words threatening to spill
I am broken but you won’t see my pain
I know this path
I have been on it
Because I grasped my hurt
Uncertainty is in extinction
Where faith is a virtue
So pass your condemnation you can’t stop me
I am vulnerable oh yes! I am also weak
You only know my name
You don’t know me


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